sweet lace bralette

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Bralettes have been popping up and peeking out everywhere lately. You’ve probably seen them all over your Instagram feed, or maybe you’ve spotted one hanging on the rack in your favorite store. Even celebs have been getting in on the trend: Kendall Jenner wowed in a black lace bralette layered over a fitted white tee, Taylor Swift pairs hers with skirts.and Chrissy Teigen has been known to rock one, too.

At first glance, bralettes may seem completely impractical (too revealing—and what the heck are you even supposed to wear with them?) but that’s actually not the case. In fact, bralettes make the unwearable wearable. Ever wonder what to wear under an open-back top? What about an off-the-shoulder blouse? Or a sheer lace blouse? Believe it or not, a bralette is the answer to all of these problems. Our beautiful sweet lace crochet bralette is our staff's favorite.

one size

padded/not removable

soft lace/ all day comfort/ elastic strap

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